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About UBiCA

Find people through their Email or Mobile number on Google Maps

With UBiCA get globalize and find your friends, clients, other businesses with their mobile or email.

UBiCA takes care of your privacy by allowing you to mark your addresses private.

UBiCA is free to use and thus helps you by saving your time and money.

About Us

We are experienced Software professionals who are trying to solve real world problems that everyone faces daily.

We are focusing on building simple yet powerful applications that makes difference in our lives.

We aim to build softwares that saves time and money.

We want to promote individual health and business by making difficult tasks easier.

Our Team


CEO & Founder
L0cateme Technologies Private Limited


Application Architect


Terms and Conditions

By signing up to UBiCA you allow others to see your public data(complete address, name, address location) through your email or mobile if provided.You are the owner of your data.If you close your account your data will not be shared to anyone.

Privacy Policy

We do not share your Email/Mobile to anyone. We do not ask your gender anywhere. Your public addresses are searchable through your Email/Mobile only by people using UBiCA applications and are your contacts in that application, and private to those whom you have shared your address. We just ask your Name, Email/Mobile, Password and current location for sign up in our application. We do not touch your phonebook contacts to maintain your privacy. Your passwords are stored in encrypted form in our database and not shared to anyone.


Question Why to use UBiCA?
1. You can add multiple addresses in UBiCA in the application.
2. Create contacts inside the application, this application does not connect to your phonebook contacts for the purpose of keeping privacy of your contacts of the phonebook.
3. Gets you / your business globalized instantly on Google maps.
4. Reach your clients/friends/relatives living in a different city or even in another country easily using Google Maps from the UBiCA application.
5. Get notifications whenever your UBiCA contact adds a new address/update previous address and share with you.
6. You can get your purchased items on time without hassle, thus helping to save time of delivery boy and reducing waiting for the product to arrive to an address

Question Who can use UBiCA?
Answer Anyone(You, Business, Tourists, Cab drivers, Postal services, etc.)

Question How can I sign up?
Answer Using our signup form (Create an account) in the mobile application.

Question How can I login?
Answer Using your mobile/email and password.

Question Do I need to specify my gender?
Answer No